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Sunday School,

9 to 9:50 a.m. 




Infants  to Two’s

As you enter the Education building from the Recreation Building side of the parking lot, the nursery is on the left in room 105 next to the hospitality area where you can get coffee and snacks. Nursery staff will be there to make them comfortable and give lots of attention to the little ones.

Curriculum for Children

This year the curriculum, from PC(USA) will help transform the lives of children and those who love them, shaped by grade and gratitude.  Each session shares a Bible story that reveals God’s grace for us.  Through fun, age-appropriate activities, prayer, and singing, children and their leaders will celebrate the meaning of this grace in their lives as they encounter a living God.

2s and 3s  and Pre-K through Kindergarten, Room 106Welcome

Room is 106 where the two-year-olds and three-year-olds  and the Pre-K through Kindergarten meets with these experienced and loving teachers.

Laura Papotto, Gennie Howes, Pat Zrolka, Jill Jarvis and Lisa Temples are the teachers in rotation here.

First through Fifth Grades, Room 111

Older children meet with these dedicated teachers.

Jackie Harper, Sarah Slusher, and Klara Smith teach 1st through 5th grades.



NEW SERIES – intergenerational

 What’s the big deal about being Presbyterian?

Combined Sunday School Class Re:Form Traditions: Come to the high school room during the Sunday school hour to learn about the reformed tradition. The session will start with a video, have an activity and discussion. This class is for adults and the youth in grades 6-12

We will talk about some of the big questions people have about being Presbyterian. Come to the high school room during the Sunday school hour to learn about the reformed tradition. The session will start with a video, have an activity and discussion. These are the topics:

November 5th  Was the Reformed tradition really started by a control freak (John Calvin)? Isaiah 43:11-13

November 12th If God has already predestined me to heaven or hell, why does it matter what I do? Ephesians 1:3-14

November 19th What’s so great about doing things decently and in order? Luke 10:25-28; Ephesians 1:3-6, 11-14

November 26th Are we reformed or reforming?  Kings 19:11-13; Ephesians 4:11-16; Hebrews 13:8



Fidelis – The Present Word,  Meets in the Library in the Office Building

A biblical study experience.  The class uses “The Present Word, The Adult Student’s Book” published 4161081_small150quarterly by the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Bible.  While the classes are based on the scripture lesson for that Sunday and the commentary by the authors, the teacher’s class conduct brings out considerable far-reaching discussion, questions, and applicability to today’s cultural experiences.  The class is enriched by all participation and welcomes additional members.

Deanna Hall, John Brooke ,  and Joseph Cooper lead the class

Potpourri, Meets in Room 116, last classroom on the right in the Education Building

The Potpourri Sunday School Class

Oct 29 – Nov 19, 2017:  Presbyterians and Mormons:  A Study in Contrasts [Theology and Worship Ministry Unit, Presbyterian Church (USA)].  This 1990 study is in response to a 1988 request from the Presbytery of Grand Canyon to the 200th General Assembly (1988) for a “definitive statement” regarding the relationship of the beliefs of “the Church of Latter-day Saints” to the beliefs of Christian faith and doctrine.  The General Assembly authorized the Theology and Worship Ministry Unit “to prepare a brief study guide that contrasts the teachings of the Latter-day Saints church with that of the Reformed/Presbyterian tradition.”  This resulting study “accepts the Latter-day Saints church as part of the American religious landscape and eschews pejorative language.  On the other hand, it raises serious questions regarding the Latter-day Saints’ theological system, especially where it differs from traditional, ‘catholic’ Christian doctrine. By clarifying some of these basic issues, this document attempts to provide a context for ongoing discussion.”  A PDF copy of this report obtained from the Presbyterian Mission Agency (Resources) is attached to the SAPC Sunday School web page below this entry.  The calendar attached to the SAPC Sunday School web page will have study notes for the report.

Presbyterians and Mormons – A Study in Contrasts

Dec 3 – Dec 17, 2017:  The Redemption of Scrooge [Rev. Matt Rawle].  “Ebenezer Scrooge is a man in dire need of a second chance. Is redemption possible for such a greedy, dark and sad character? The Redemption of Scrooge, from Matt Rawle’s The Pop in Culture Series, shows us how the teachings of Jesus can be found in Dickens’ Christmas classic. From the ghosts of Christmas past, to the Life of the present, and the resurrection of Christmas future, this Advent study will “bless us every one” and reinvigorate our spiritual journeys as we look at this familiar story through the lens of faith.”  (Abingdon Press)  This book is available through both Cokesbury and Amazon in hardcopy and electronic format.  The calendar attached to SAPC Sunday School web page will have study notes for the book.


Mike Bearden, Discussion Leader; for questions, 404-660-8234, michaelrbearden@bellsouth.net . All are welcomed.

Fall Schedule through Advent to end of year  Potpourri Sunday School Class Schedule and Study Supplement 29 Oct 2017 – 07 Jan 2018 (as of 10-29-17):


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